How Our Plumbers Help With Gas Plumbing

Why Should You “Cook With Gas”? Gas is cheaper and more sufficient than electricity. It’s no wonder so many people are choosing it now! Gas appliances, heating, barbecues and gas hot water systems can be installed, fixed and maintained smoothly by a professional plumber. If you decide to do any of the above yourself, make sure...
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12 Tips To Conserve Water in Your House

Water is a precious element, essential not only to our daily lives but also to our existence. As Australian citizens, we need to be particularly aware of our own water consumption as unforeseen tropical storms and droughts can often leave us short. Follow our simple solutions and start saving water (and money) today! Read more

Dripping Taps – An Easy Fix

Dripping taps – an easy fix

Does the soundtrack to your home revolve around the drip, drip, drip of your leaking tap? Despite its annoyingly relentless omnipresence, an unbelievable amount of homeowners choose to ignore their dripping tap, which wastes over a staggering 1000 litres of...
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