12 Tips To Conserve Water in Your House

Water is a precious element, essential not only to our daily lives but also to our existence. As Australian citizens, we need to be particularly aware of our own water consumption as unforeseen tropical storms and droughts can often leave us short. Follow our simple solutions and start saving water (and money) today!

How To Conserve Water in Your House

Dripping Taps
Up to 600 litres of water per day can leak from your broken tap, so it is crucial you get it fixed immediately.
Not only will you be saving water, you’ll also be saving a considerable amount of money.
Rose Bay Plumbing’s® plumbers in Sydney can fix these small problems to save you time and effort.

Toilet Plumbing
Toilets are the villains of the water-conserving world and are accountable for nearly half of your total water bill.
A good way to combat this water wastage is by replacing your valve and toilet flapper to guarantee your toilet is running correctly.
If you experience any big problems with your toilet, we can send one of our emergency plumbers to fix it.

Often leaks go unnoticed for months or even years, running up costly and unnecessary bills.
A good way to check if anything is leaking in your household is to make note of the water meter before leaving for work (pick a day when nobody else is in) and check it again when you get home.
If it has risen, you are likely to have a leak. Contact a Sydney Plumber at Rose Bay Plumbing® to fix the leaks in your house.

Water Pressure
If your water pressure is 80PSI or higher, then you are at risk of bursting your pipes and will certainly be spending more money than you need to.
Adding a pressure-reducing valve will decrease your water usage dramatically and keep your pipes safe.
A broken water pipe is a huge inconvenience but it is something a Sydney emergency plumber at Rose Bay Plumbing® could fix for you.

Septic Systems
Using harsh chemical cleaning products in your bathroom can actually do more harm than good.
Tough bleaches not only kill bad bacteria but they also strip the good, natural bacteria that can result in an unfit septic system.
Any problems with blocked drains can be fixed by a drainage plumber.

Water Saving Device
A simple change of showerhead can have a substantial impact on water consumption.
A new showerhead will be very cheap to buy and the simple change will certainly prove cost effective.


By Greg McElroy
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