Dripping Taps – An Easy Fix

Dripping taps – an easy fix

Does the soundtrack to your home revolve around the drip, drip, drip of your leaking tap? Despite its annoyingly relentless omnipresence, an unbelievable amount of homeowners choose to ignore their dripping tap, which wastes over a staggering 1000 litres of water per year. That’s enough water to fill a swimming pool!
Imagine how much money you are throwing down the drain (excuse the pun), every single day? Also, think about the environmental impact your water wastage will cause. Added to that, if your tap is running hot, then you can add the increased gas and electricity it takes to warm the water, to your ever-growing bill.

So why do people ignore their leaking taps? You would assume that an irritating, expensive and environmentally damaging problem would be solved as soon as possible; however many people choose to ignore it, hoping it will stop on its own. Perhaps this is down to laziness, or maybe it is assumed that the process of fixing a tap will be long, costly and complicated. Luckily, this is not the case and our Sydney plumbers confirm that in the majority of circumstances, leaky taps are simple to fix. It is only when you have a big problem, like a blocked sewer drain, that it will be a long and costly procedure to fix it.
So if you’re fed up with wasting money and harming the environment find a plumber in Sydney today. A Rose Bay Plumbing® staff member will help you to be able to relax in a drip free home once more. We employ emergency plumbers in Sydney to help with the big and small plumbing problems in your home.

By Greg McElroy
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